A few useful resources for web developers and small applications. All downloads provided as-is and with no guarantee as to their suitability or performance.


Interest Calculator

This Windows app calculates interest based on an amount invested, number of months and interest percentage.

Guess The Number

A simple guess the number game. Command line, with no fancy graphics – though it does have 5 difficulty levels. For windows.


PHP Form Class

The PHP form class is, as the name suggests, a form handler used to validate form input. Values are stored in $_session and the class itself weighs in at <1KB.


A simple upload script with a text-based progress bar. The script can be used as a stand-alone script, or embedded in any page using 2 lines of PHP.

Full-Width Bootstrap Site Template

A php template allowing you to design a site that uses the popular bootstrap framework, as used on many other popular websites. It’s fully responsive – meaning it looks great on mobile devices too. Has built-in support for Facebook likes and tweets, and a contact form with the form class implemented for validation.


A php script that replaces multiples of a number with text.