Born in the mid 90s and raised in the south westerly regions of the UK, I grew up as any ordinary child would with the exception of a genetic eye condition, Leber’s Congenital Amaurosis (LCA), which renders me totally blind in both eyes.

As a child I developed a keen interest in music, learning both the guitar and piano from an early age, later followed by the drums which to this day remains my primary instrument. I also developed a keen interest in electronics and to this day am fascinated by how things work. From a young age I would disassemble surplus electronic devices to learn how they functioned, eventually learning how to repair and modify them.

Naturally an interest in electronics lead to an interest in computing and armed with my first computer in 2003 I learned the ins and outs of software and later hardware. In 2009 a good friend taught me the basics of web authoring and having authored my first website I then moved on to learn advanced application and web programming.

I attended a mainstream primary school, and then in my later years specialist education – where I took my GCSE qualifications a year in advance and spent a gap year studying radio production, music technology and media before completing an AS level at a mainstream college and putting my school years behind me to pursue a career as a software programmer.

One thing lead to another and despite success in the programming field I decided to instead pursue my dream of a music career. I’d been authoring a blog for some time which had enjoyed some success, offering me a sustainable income and allowing me to run a music career along side. I’d also been involved in several musical projects, producing, mixing and mastering a number of tracks and EPs for a selection of artists.

In 2015, my blog Audio Appraisal passed a billion views and i became involved in several exciting and ongoing musical ventures. I look forward to what 2016 and the future have to bring.